Our Story

Newdile draws upon hundreds of years of tailoring, leatherwork and shoemaking across three iconic European cities. Bath. Florence. London. Each one a stalwart of high fashion. 

Each city has its mark on Newdile, with founder Jack Scott drawing his inspiration from these great cities. A creative home in Bath where Newdile is based, classically trained in Florence and ongoing inspiration from London.  

Newdile is about bringing the past into the future. It is about tradition and innovation. The classic and the contemporary. 

Each product fuses modernity of design with the quality and attention to detail of traditional craftsmanship. 

Newdile products are bespoke. No two are the same. Each item is made with only you in mind yet is admired the world over by all those with a keen and unrelenting eye for quality. 

High-quality leather products change over time and age gracefully as they are influenced by their environment. Your environment. They take on the life of their owner. 

Times change. Standards do not.